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Lifelong artist Nicholas Nemo Bottman is chiefly a painter and printmaker.  Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Nicholas relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1998, eventually landing in Portland where he received his B.A. with honors from Portland State University in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking in 2005.  Portland has remained his home ever since.

Nicholas' work bursts forth with vivacious forms created with a bombastic palette.  Oft executed utterly spontaneously; his work nevertheless shows the hallmarks of quality, craftsmanship, and richness.  Nicholas has refined a style that has been informed by a plethora of contemporary influences, without direct tethers to any of them.  With imagery that spans representational to abstract; the correlation can be found in the work's thoroughly graphic impact.  Ultimately Nicholas' work is unquestionably unique and firmly stands on it's own merits.

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