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Joni Yates

My art expresses the way I see the world, sometimes fluid and smooth, other times chaotic and complicated, but always beautiful!  When an idea slips into my head, i is imperative that it makes its way onto paper, canvas or whatever form is conceived.  I tend to view life in an animated fashion; my art seems to mimic that.  I don't think I go a day without some event or happening turning into a short animated film or cartoon snapshot in my mind.  Life is funny, people are funny...and in fact, in my mind life is just a big illustrated cartoon!

My greatest and longest love is with the all mighty pen!  I love the simplicity and power of black and white.  Color has made its way into my art throughout the years when I started working with acrylics and oils.  But my most recent work brought me back to my passion of black and white!  I work in whatever medium will best express what I feel and is too short to be encapsulated into one medium!


Dreaming of a Better World

Dispelling Nightmares

And Then I Spoke

Death on the Willamette

The Morning Melted My Dreams Away

Caulk People


Under World

These Ties that Bind




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