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Mary Millar

A natural satirist, Mary's work is a rich banquet of color, technique and humor. Mary embodies what an artist is. From her perfect application to her ability to be inspired from even the most mundane and even profane of subjects. GalleryZero is delighted to represent the unique inspiration of Mary Millar.


Brandon"Ragnar' Johnson got his start training in graphic arts and design, and working in animation for Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers and the Cartoon Network as an art director and character designer. His work is a stark and heady fusion of classic film noir, vintage fashion illustration and early cartoons. GalleryZero is honored to present the brilliant imaginings of Ragnar.

Gris Grimly

GalleryZero is proud to be the exclusive Northwest representative of renowed artist, illustrator, filmmaker and storyteller Gris Grimly. Gris' works are included in the Wicked Nursery Rhymes series, and collaborations with acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman (The Dangerous Alphabet), . Gris has been honored by the Society of Illustrators and his work has been recognized and honored by such prestigious institutions as The Edward Gorey House and The Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Gris' Pinocchio is currently in production with producer Guillermo del Toro.

Allison McClay
Allison McClay grew up in Portland and received a BFA in illustration from California College of the Arts.

Her paintings all tell pieces of stories, and some are inspired by authors such as Gabrial Garcia Marquez.

Allison enjoys capturing a moment in a narrative and presenting it out of context, isolated from the story that originally inspired it.

She is also working on a graphic novel, "Rook", with the writer Julie Andrijeski.

Maryanna H. Ingle

The Gallery Zero Presents the works of Maryanna H. Ingle

Robin Sandler Weintraub

GalleryZero is proud to present the sophisticated world of artist Robin Sandler. From Pop to Abstract, Robin's work is a richly textured evocation of ideas unbound by any idiom. With great maturity and flawless technique, her experimental visions reflect a dynamically imagined inner and outer life.

Roscoe Hall II

Artist Roscoe Hall II takes a highly personal and pointed view of the urban landscape and elevates it to another level entirely. His artwork maintains a honesty of vision and integrity of technique and style. We are proud to represent Roscoe at GalleryZero.

Kat Templeton

Kat Templeton, (formerly Kristine Kugler,) is a resident artist of Vancouver, Washington who has been practicing her unique and evocative painting style for over 15 years. She is a 2000 alumni graduate of the Vancouver school of arts and academics, a beloved wife of local musician Ryan Templeton and mother of their twin daughters, Amalie and Maiya Templeton. Kat is current in the pacific northwest art scene, showing new and large scale art monthly at the prestigious Gallery Zero located in Portland, Oregon. Her compositions cover a wide spectrum of genres that enable her to utilize her artistic versatility to the highest degree.

Kat’s first celebrated group exhibition headlined her as the youngest donor to participate in the South West Washington forward independent trusts’ (SWIFT) annual charity art auction at the age of 20.

“I was stunned by Kuglers’ paintings.” Pam Cundy, executive director of SWIFT said. “She showed us her whole portfolio and it showed so much growth. She has put so much of her self into her work, you can just see the energy.” The Columbian Feb. 1st,2002.

During the time presiding after her first exhibition, Kat pursued a few other charity events as well as feature her work locally through out business establishments. Kat began to build her clientele, and took on private commissions through out her home town. In the summer of 2008, she became an artist member of Gallery Zero and was featured in a group show for the gallery opening in October of 2008. In July of 2009, Kat created a cooperative exhibition with underground local comic guru, Ben Perkins called “COMMUNICATE”. Both Kat and Ben created a spectacle that was made specifically for the gallery that was unlike any show seen there before.

Author PD McLaren of the Portland independent media center wrote, “Pushing boundaries and buttons once more, Gallery Zero offers us local artists Kat Templeton and Ben Perkins in a wild sideshow collaborative they describe as 'part dark fantasy, part rock opera, and all truth.' Dangerously detailed phantasmagoria and hellscaped portraits promise an event you won't find anywhere else. Who would dare?”

Kat then produced a video commentary of the COMMUNICATE show with gallery investor/owner Jim Lowery called “Articulate”. The commentary aired numerous times on public access television.

Kats’ description of her paintings are portrayed as a, “deep, cerebral scream, that invites the viewers of her work to explore her fluidic application of untamed, raw emotion.” In the month of August 2009, Kat Produced a painting for Gallery Zeros’ Red and Black show that caught the eye of local renowned gallery critic Richard Spears. Richard is a columnist for Portland Oregon's largest independent news and arts paper, the Willamette Week , who wrote a captivating review of Kat Templeton’s ravishingly old-school painting, Rebuke of the Council. Richard stated, “There’s unbridled neo-primitivist panache in this slashy, drippy depiction of a pagan rite. Fearsome half-naked women with horned masks cavort in a surrealistic orgy, poking their arms through holes in the others’ bodies in a celebration of madness and the unfettered id. It’s invigoratingly composed, fantastically imagined, and 100 percent committed to itself.”

Kat Templeton is a distinctive painter who defines herself boldly by looking to the masters of the past to inspire the recreation of her dreamscapes. She expresses through her highly saturated colour pallet, a direct influence of figurative, neo-classical and surrealistic inspired design.

“Kat is so unique. There is no other artist like her. I love her enthusiasm. I’m very proud to showcase her art. The gallery shows Kat’s art very well indeed.” Randy Scott Young curator/owner of Gallery Zero.

Liz Gill Neilson

Liz Gill Neilson is a painter, printmaker, and designer. Liz hails from the Boston area, received her B.A. in visual arts from Columbia University, NYC, and now lives in Portland, Oregon. In her work, she strives to create a mythology of form that reveals the web of connection between humans and the natural world. Liz is the Artist in Residence for the Portland Chamber Orchestra, and creates multi-arts projects for the PCO and other music ensembles across the country, bringing visual art, animation and story into concert settings. She also works as a graphic designer, designing books, albums, and other print media for artists and organizations. With her husband, composer Duncan Neilson, and pianist Deborah Bradley-Kramer, Liz founded the White Buffalo Salon series in NYC, a recurring house concert event that hosts musicians, artists and speakers to powwow on the relationship between the arts and ecology. Visit her website at

William Wheeler

William Wheeler, born in Dallas, Texas in 1968. Attended High School and College in North Texas. He has worked as a carpenter, in Information Technology and a myriad of other occupations. After 14 years of painting in oils, in 2002 William decided to make major changes in his life. He quit his corporate career and decided to go back to college and pursue his BFA in Studio Arts, and intends to complete his MFA.

William’s artwork is deeply entrenched in the long standing tradition of Biomorphic or Vitalistic sculpture. Within that tradition William explores themes of personal psychology and self-understanding based on his life experiences.

William has exhibited at the Northview Gallery, The 100th Monkey Gallery, the Littman Gallery and now at The Gallery Zero. William is currently working on his BFA in Portland, OR and is constantly producing new work.

Joni Yates

My art expresses the way I see the world, sometimes fluid and smooth, other times chaotic and complicated, but always beautiful!  When an idea slips into my head, i is imperative that it makes its way onto paper, canvas or whatever form is conceived.  I tend to view life in an animated fashion; my art seems to mimic that.  I don't think I go a day without some event or happening turning into a short animated film or cartoon snapshot in my mind.  Life is funny, people are funny...and in fact, in my mind life is just a big illustrated cartoon!

My greatest and longest love is with the all mighty pen!  I love the simplicity and power of black and white.  Color has made its way into my art throughout the years when I started working with acrylics and oils.  But my most recent work brought me back to my passion of black and white!  I work in whatever medium will best express what I feel and is too short to be encapsulated into one medium!


Lifelong artist Nicholas Nemo Bottman is chiefly a painter and printmaker.  Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Nicholas relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1998, eventually landing in Portland where he received his B.A. with honors from Portland State University in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking in 2005.  Portland has remained his home ever since.

Nicholas' work bursts forth with vivacious forms created with a bombastic palette.  Oft executed utterly spontaneously; his work nevertheless shows the hallmarks of quality, craftsmanship, and richness.  Nicholas has refined a style that has been informed by a plethora of contemporary influences, without direct tethers to any of them.  With imagery that spans representational to abstract; the correlation can be found in the work's thoroughly graphic impact.  Ultimately Nicholas' work is unquestionably unique and firmly stands on it's own merits.

Jennie McCall

From the artist:

"Art has been a positive catalyst and outlet for me as I have experienced the joys and heartaches in my childhood and adult life. I strive to communicate and challenge stereotypes and prejudices in my life and in my art.

I play with the juxtaposition of organic materials and man-made objects.  Each contemporary piece is hand –fabricate and unique. The current process that I find exciting and somewhat therapeutic involves imprinting photographs onto metal in the darkroom.

Because I’ve found art to be such a positive influence in my life, I want to pass this enthusiasm onto others through a Masters Degree in Art Therapy.  I know that through art and positive momentum, I can have an IMMENSE impact on others!!!"


Born in Southern California, Rojax was raised in the wilds of Africa. His life has been a thrill ride and it shows in his work. In one painting you may see a lovable gang of cats carousing in the tall grass - but be warned – Godzilla-like creatures may be lurking nearby and space people could be taking in the scene from high above the earth.

Rojax is a classically trained artist and uses only time-honored techniques. No tricks - just paint, brush and canvas. But he is also that rare visionary, an iconoclast with a unique statement in which whimsy, intrigue and abandon collide in an irresistible riot of color.

Today, Rojax lives in a remote part of Northern California - a natural setting which has the necessary space to contain his boundless energy

Neil Zawicki
Neil Zawicki grew up with an art studio in his home; his mother was a working portrait artist. This exposure to such a craft gave way to a range of interests, including music, graphic design, writing and wandering. While working at Fox Animation Studios in the late 1990's, he received more lessons on painting from the background artists. From there, he began hanging his work in coffee houses and bars in Arizona and ultimatley Alaska, where he spent three years as a journalist, working also as a set painter for a small theater company.

Most recently, he has combined his journalism and visual arts skills and a writer and illustrator for magazines, but his favorite work deals with the strange and vivid; images that freeze as an image the undercurrent of dreams and hallucination.
Yannick Hamon

Yannick Hamon was born and raised in the vibrant city of Toulouse, which is located in the Southern region of  France.

Hamon's style has been cultivated by using multimedia concepts, from digital imagery, graphic design, acrylic, spray bomb, original illustrations, stencils, typography, and calligraphy.

This artist is not just limited to creating bold paintings. With his unique style, he creates some of the most sought after customized furniture pieces for clients worldwide. 

Aaron Goodrich

Aaron Goodrich was born to family of traveling circus folk somewhere along the banks of the Mississippi. This unconventional upbringing provided Aaron with all the fodder he needed for later life as an artist and stunt man. Aaron now spends his days chasing his kids, surfing the cove, etching designs into people’s hides, and painting in the man cave late at night.

Cheater slicks, banjos, tamales, and BEER. Drag bars, old cars, rust and gears.


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