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Welcome to The Gallery Zero

We are a gallery organization dedicated to representing exciting and fearless artists who identify themselves with brilliant composition, powerful palettes and a desire to express. Confident in our purpose, at The Gallery Zero we offer integrity, honesty and a bold vision. We are a triad of professionals from the art, film-making and business arenas with over 20 years of experience working with top names in all areas of the art world from concept to collections, from publishing to the gallery floor.


Why The Gallery Zero?

Because we think it sounds new. Because we like the way you say it.

We are a gallery that is not a gallery, a space that is not a place, but an exploration of opinion and perception. Our experience has taught us that art is not a repetitive competitive act but a moment based on inspiration. The Gallery Zero. The artists we work with create only the art they can create. Macabre, threatening, funny, Surreal, post-Pop, post-Punk, post-Post; quality needs no description. The viewer defines the experience. We present and we seek works of significance, of more than changing ambience, art that is more than a mere acquisition, but a reflection of oneself. At The Gallery Zero we offer art that allows the participation of the viewer.


Our long-time collaborations with some of the most successful art organizations in the world have given us an insight unique to our field: we believe in the HERE and NOW, the ongoing invention of invention, the statement, the question, the rag-and-bone, the mayhem, the musical and the liberation of vision.

At The Gallery Zero, we are here to enjoy the day, to express ourselves and to be The Gallery Zero.

We seek more. Show us.


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